Who We Are

JLPWVinhan lawyers are some of the most experienced lawyers in Vietnam. Many of our lawyers have graduated at the top of their class and have pursued advanced law degrees in other countries such as the United States, England, Australia and New Zealand. Our lawyers are innovative thinkers, diligent workers and problem solvers. Although our lawyers spend many hours devoted to clients and finding them the most efficient and practical legal solutions, they take comfort in working alongside colleagues who are more like an extended family. In fact, the term “Vilafers” is a moniker our lawyers and staff use to describe themselves and binds us a group of determined individuals with a common sense of purpose. Our lawyers are always eager to learn and challenge themselves with new types of work, but also know how to balance their work life and home life as family is an important concept in JLPWVinhan. Our lawyers take great pride in our firm and are our best ambassadors to clients, law students, and the public.

Why We Are Here

As a top-tier firm with clients from across Vietnam and all over the world, VILAF lawyers get a unique, constructive and challenging work experience. Every associate is given the chance to work with experienced partners who are all ranked highly in their respective practice areas. VILAF offers its associates a competitive working environment to aid both their professional and personal development. Our lawyers do not get buried in a back office working only on documents, but instead are front and center, assisting partners in major deals that impact Vietnam’s infrastructure and development. They work directly with clients but have the added security that a partner or senior lawyer is always there to guide them. Not only is it a career but it is also a training ground to develop the best lawyers who later become partners, who are ready to lead VILAF into the future. Our lawyers are here to become the best legal advisors while serving clients and providing the highest quality legal advice.

How We Work and How We Live

Associates in VILAF work collaboratively in teams or one-on-one with a partner or counsel. In this manner, lawyers are always getting direct feedback to use constructively for continuous improvement. This encourages associates to work diligently on every task as they progress to the next level.

VILAF has an “open-door” policy where associates are encouraged to engage counsels and partners to better understand the matter and to offer their own suggestions in order to assist deal efficiency. Work-life balance is done correctly in VILAF. Associates work hard and play harder. Family life is important and VILAF recognizes the need for alternative career paths for some lawyers: some associates take leaves to pursue advanced studies, while others might arrange a special working arrangement that accommodates their unique family situation.

Every Vilafer is important to the firm and we take time to come together on holidays and annual retreat events. We also have other group outings throughout the year to encourage more interaction and camaraderie amongst our great team of lawyers and support staff.

What We Get and What We Give

Associates at VILAF are expected to be professionals at all times; they work hard but are compensated well for their diligence with an additional bonus tied to their performance. In addition, associates are advanced commensurate to their skills and experience over time.

VILAF expects its lawyers and trainees to be up-to-date with the latest laws, regulations and circulars that the Vietnamese government regularly issues. Associates regularly get trainings both internally and also may attend external training sessions on a variety of interesting commercial law topics which are presented by our close relationship firm, Clifford Chance in Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

VILAF offers its trainees and associates external training for more specialized learning to help them further develop professional skills and expose them to critical legal concepts and documents.

Associates and trainees are then encouraged to share their learning with their colleagues and are encouraged to conduct internal trainings. By conducting internal trainings, our associates prepare for speaking engagements at conferences and events; they become sought after as experts on their various areas of expertise.

It is more than just about getting and our associates understand this as well. We have a strong commitment at VILAF to giving back to our community. Our team participates in a variety of charitable and non-profit events and causes.

Hiring Positions

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A challenging and highly rewarding career awaits you in VILAF. If you are interested in contributing to our success, please send us your cover letter and curriculum vitae addressed to: